The Map Project

Thanks to Information Assets for contributing resources for supplies to make the Map project possible. Thanks Bill and the board of directors.

Check out the progress of the World map in Imorona. It came together over a month.  The 6'+ x 12'+ map came together nicely.

Notice the size of the wall!

After drawing the large rectangle, we drew small 10cm ones, this is the secret of the map, notice the small picture he is copying. The squares are numbered to keep track of location on the wall and picture.

I'll let the pictures do most of the blogging

Kids were getting into it.

Also the teachers

Here is Martin, painting it up.

Teacher and student working together

Perched to paint

Local students making a day of it.

A little Texas pride

Faith putting the finishing touches, the Director, who teaches English, requested the map in English, easy for us.

Madagascar Pride

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  • 6/21/2009 9:53 PM Julie Ann wrote:
    Curious, did you put any finish over the final product to protect it from the elements? I am a PCV in Mauritania, and I'm interested in doing this project at my school -- but I'm concerned that the hot sun & the rains will ruin it pretty quickly on an outdoor wall.

    Yes, we put varnish over it, actually two coats. I would suggest the volunteers after you add a coat or two. It easy and fast.

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  • 6/25/2009 3:26 PM Tom wrote:
    I responded in the message, but will here also.

    Yes, we put varnish over it, actually two coats. This wall faces North, being south of the equator, North gets direct sun. I wanted to protect it. I had seen some older maps that looked like shit, warn down from the elements. I knew that no one from the village would take on the task to update it I wanted to protect it. I would suggest putting coat on every few years, so maybe the next volunteers could do that. Its easy and fast.

    Hope this helps. It was a fun project. I actually did three of them. Helped with one and spear-headed two. The 10cm x 10cm was huge and took a long time, but worth it. One thing I suggest is to paint the ocean first then do the land. The map completes faster, but you might have to erase the pencil lines or fix the paint where a sharp pencil pierces the paint. Also an eraser lightens the blue which sucks, your left with streaks, but these issues can be worked out by not being anal and mixing a shit-load of blue for your ocean. You will need it, kids drip paint everywhere, but is no big deal if you have ocean blue to cover it up. If you have any questions just comment and I will see them.



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